Peru Cajamarca
250g Beans
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250g Beans


TASTE: caramel, chocolate, prunes
MOUTHFEEL: well-bodied
ACIDITY: balanced and complex

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Country > Perù
Production area > Cajamarca
Altitude > 1600 – 1900 mt
Species > Arabica
Botanical variety > Typica, Pache, Caturra
Process > Honey

“Specialty coffee” is defined as a kind of coffee whose “specialty” starts in the origin country, in the plantation, where a particular kind of botanic variety is selected within a particular producing area of the world. It is a single-origin coffee with top-quality beans that are roasted in a way that boosts the development of all their aromatic potential and that possess a differentiating personality in the cup, once adequately extracted in the respect of well-defined standards.
A Specialty Coffee, in order to be considered as such, has to be “freshly” roasted and ground.